Welcome to the Society of Nottingham Guides and Scouts

SNoGS (Society of Nottingham Guides and Scouts), is affiliated to SSAGO, the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation. Starting in 2013, SNoGS has received STARS Gold Award status every year and are always on the look out for new ways to expand and improve our society! The Gold award is given to societies who have shown outstanding growth and development. It is only achieved by societies who have gone above and beyond their aims and objectives; worked with other societies, the SU, and the community; instituted new events; and created a lasting legacy for the society.

SSAGO is a non-uniformed organisation affiliated to The Scout Association and Girlguiding UK. Local SSAGO groups are designed to allow Scout and Guide members to continue with their interests whilst at universities, and encourage new members to get involved.

As with many SSAGO groups, Nottingham SSAGO (SNoGS) has three main aims:


Socialising and having a good time with a great bunch of people is a major part of SNoGS.

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Many of our members volunteer with local Scout and Guide Groups.

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Surely one of the best bits about Scouting and Guiding, getting outdoors, going camping, and doing some exploring!

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Socials – where like minded people get the opportunity to meet on a weekly basis to take part in activities, chat, relax, and have a good time. We meet every Wednesday evening during term time, not to mention lots of extra socials and events, both locally and nationally with other SSAGO groups.

Volunteering – to encourage members to become Leaders with local Scout and Guide groups. We have links with many local groups, and can help find the right group for you, whether you’re wanting a new group now that you’ve moved to Uni, or if your entirely new to being a Leader. But don’t worry, it’s not compulsory!

Adventure – surely one of the best bits about Scouting and Guiding, getting outdoors, going camping, and doing some exploring! There are three National SSAGO Rallies each year, one per term, and as well as that SNoGS runs or attends another event each term. These include Freshers’ Camp, national Network Camps, and our annual summer camp.


If you’re a student at the University of Nottingham or Nottingham Trent University, then why not get involved, and Join the Adventure. We look forward to seeing you soon.