Isle of Wight 2018

Day One

Our journey to camp started well, we rendezvoused outside the sports centre in the morning sun, filled the van to the brim with kit and then piled into the minibus. We left Nottingham singing all the songs from the Greatest Showman, eagerly looking forward to celebrating the Greatest Show on Earth. We made it to the Southampton ferry terminal, where we picked up three rather soggy members waiting in the rain, and continued our journey to the island. We arrived at the showground and began the task of unloading the kit and carrying it across the campsite. Our food delivery then arrived, with us being there to collect it this time, as someone previously ordered it to be delivered two days early… #chrisgotblamed.

We ended the day in the circus themed disco, dressed as various animals and Chris as the Showman, followed by the campfire.


Day Two

Our first activity of the day was fast rib rides. We boarded two boats and set off across the sea; with the seawater splashing us in our faces and the rain pouring down, it can undoubtedly be said we got a bit wet. Next up was salsa dancing, followed by Ultimate Frisbee and then a drum workshop. After all this we drove to Alum Bay and walked down to the beach to see the Needles.  

The evening involved a delicious meal, a quiz, and once again dancing and a campfire.


Day Three

Day three consisted of archery and then shooting. We then drove across the island to learn some magic. Now that we were all skilled magicians we went onto our next activity of power kites. Once we got the hang of flying them, the sky filled with kites and we got rather muddy chasing after them as they fell to the ground. Only a few kites got stuck in the trees #chrisgotblamed.

After a fun filled day we made our way back to camp, hungry for dinner, with a slight delay due to the bus door jamming – #chrisgotblamed. The evening once again consisted of another delicious dinner, dancing and a campfire.


Day Four

Our final day of activities started with synchronised swimming. We splashed around in the pool with enthusiasm, our synchronicity lacking in the group, with some swimmers breaking into an impromptu performance of the Macerana.

The sun made a short appearance for lunchtime, were we all enjoyed ice-creams and chips by the beach.

In the afternoon we went for a game of laser tag in the woods. Similarly to last years game of Capture the flag, nobody managed to get either flag so it went down to the amount of lives lost. We lost by a mere six lives, however these were probably due to our own team shooting each other.

After a tiring day we headed back to camp to pack away the marquee, in light of heavy rain scheduled for the next morning. We then enjoyed our last meal at camp followed by the closing ceremony, disco and campfire.


Day Five

With camp, all packed up and loaded into the van, we headed to the ferry, stopping off at the shop to see if there were any half price Easter eggs left over the weekend. Unfortunately, there was no chocolate eggs brought, instead many opting for a trip to the Chippy. We boarded the ferry and made our way back to the mainland, concluding another IOW Revolution camp. Until our next adventure….


Alice ☺